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G5 Entertainment: Cheaper than one year ago

A little observation on G5 Entertainment’s share price:  You can get the share at a cheaper valuation than one year ago.

Exactly one year ago, the G5 share traded at SEK 9.90. On September 21st 2010, management published a first guidance on 2011 EPS of SEK 1.40 per share. That means that one year ago, one could buy G5 at a 12-months forward looking PER of 7.1x.

Yesterday, management gave its first flavor on 2012, guiding for an EPS of SEK 3.20. The share price is trading today at SEK 21.60, implying a 12-months forward looking PER of 6.8x

As a polite reminder: The G5 share more than doubled in the period October 2010 until February 2011…

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