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G5 Entertainment: expanding its Android game portfolio

G5 Entertainment released its weekly games update this morning and two out of three of the games mentioned are for the Android market.

As of today, “Supermarket Management” is available on the Android Market and on 18 August, “The Mystery of the Crystal Portal” is following suit. The third announcement of the week is the highly anticipated second edition of Virtual City. The game is called “Virtual City Playground” and will be released for the iPad on 25 August. It is developed and published by G5 Entertainment itself. The original “Virtual City” was a big success for both iPhone and iPad and topped the download charts around the world, thereby contributing to the G5-brand among gamers. I think we can have very high hopes for the second version as well!

What’s particularly interesting with the new releases for Android is the recent uptick in downloads of G5-games on the Android market.  On 30 June, G5 entered the Android market with 5 game releases and added another one on 4 August, called “Paranormal Agency”. It was this latest game that drew attention to G5’s overall Android portfolio when it was featured in Android Markets’ “Trending Apps” category last weekend. Since then downloads of all G5 Android games have spiked, which is a proof that the cross-selling approach seems to work rather well. Additional games for Android should lead to even more attention for G5’s portfolio and while the company has not yet commented on the convertion rate for Android (games are offered for free and need to be “unlocked” for the full versions later on), it is nevertheless very encouraging to follow the recent trends.

Check out an overview of G5’s Android games’ performance on:

Despite the current turmoil in the market, I am comfortable with my long-position in G5 Entertainment. I think we can look forward to the Q2 report on Monday and I hope to get an update on: a) FY 2011 guidance, b) number of games releases following Traction deal, c) details on G5’s performance on Android Market including convertion rates etc

Everything else would be a bonus in my opinion but if we are lucky, management will already give a glimpse on the earnings potential for 2012!

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