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G5 Entertainment: “Special Enquiry Detail” tops iPhone charts in the UK

G5 Entertainment’s latest release “Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Fees” continues to climb in the charts. Not even one week after its release it is now numer 1 in the top grossing games for iPhone in the UK! The rankings in other main markets aren’t shabby either including France #6, Italy #3, China #33 and Germany #42.

Additionally, the game sells VERY well also for iPad. Rankings in the top grossing charts are as follows: UK #9, France #11, China #16, Germany #28, USA #76.

These numbers are even more interesting as the UK is a very important market in terms of absolute number of downloads. According to a recent report from app store researcher Distimo ( the UK stood for more than one third of all app downloads  when comparing the Apple App Stores in the UK; France; Germany; Italy; Poland; Russia and Spain. On the iPhone, 35% of downloads were from the United Kingdom, while on the iPad it was 33%.

While the study only took into account the top 300 most popular paid and free apps, it shows that the UK is still the most important European market for developers to target. Of course, language plays a hugely important factor in this. Big-name English language apps from the US are more likely to get a foothold in the UK than elsewhere in Europe where English is at most a second language. Interestingly, France takes a much greater share of downloads on the iPhone than the iPad, while in Russia the reverse is true.

Distimo’s report also found that Europeans are more likely to download apps at weekends, especially on the iPad where 37% of downloads take place on Saturdays or Sundays. This is most likely down to the fact that you’re far more likely to take an iPhone out and about than an iPad, which for many remains a luxury for the home.

Time to be bullish on G5 Entertainment? You bet!

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