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Very strong first weekend for G5 Entertainment’s “Special Enquiry Detail”

It has been a rather dull weekend here in Stockholm weather wise, but G5 Entertainment’s latest game “Special Enquiry Detail: The Hand that Feeds” was off to a great start indeed!

Released on Thursday 14th July, the game is ranked number 4 in the UK, 19 in France, 15 in Italy in the App Stores’ top grossing games for the iPhone. Additional, it’s at number 78 in Germany,90 in Japan and 89 in China – all three are rather big markets! For the iPad, the results are not less impressive: USA ranked 110, UK 16, Germany, 76, Canada 80, France 23, Japan 88, Australia 91, Italy 37, Netherlands 91, Spain, 30, China 28!

I am also impressed by the success G5 is having with its newly released first 5 games for Android. While it remains to be seen how much of the freely downloaded games will materialize in actual sales (Android users are known to be less willing to pay for games), it is nevertheless encouraging to have “Stand o’food” on number 45 in the USA, “Supermarket Mania” ranked 116 and “Success Story” at number 190. It is still the US market we are talking about and the games that can be downloaded for free at the beginning do require an actual purchase at a later stage in the game!

So all in all, another great weekend for G5 Entertainment and its shareholders!

For a great summary of the rankings of G5 games go to:

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