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G5 Entertainment: Growth, growth, growth


G5 Entertainment announces this morning that the company has opened a marketing office in San Francisco, California, USA. The office, located at Suite 136, 1750 Montgomery Street, is going to oversee marketing of company’s games in Americas. North America continues to be the single largest market for G5 games, accounting for some 35% of the group’s iOS revenue in Q1’2011.


Larissa McCleary became G5’s first hire in California in the position of Director of Marketing, joining G5 after spending 5 years marketing PC casual games in San Francisco-based companies iWin and Playfirst.


Vlad Suglobov, CEO and board member of G5 Entertainment AB, comments: “As the management previously communicated, this year G5 is going to release 80 games. With so many games released this year, and many more next year, our marketing efforts need more structured approach, especially in USA, where we have so many customers. With Larissa’s experience, we are going to do an even better job at reaching and retaining our audience. San Francisco was  the natural choice as the place for our marketing office because of its access to the best talent and proximity to the headquarters of Apple and Google. Our goal with the San Francisco office is to establish a small but effective marketing team, which is going to focus on growing company’s sales in the region. G5 will continue to perform its product development out of the group’s offices in Ukraine and Russia.”  More information about G5 Entertainment can be found at:

Scaling up the business is key. G5 Entertainment is still a small company but with enormous growth potential. Getting the word out is just as important as developing new games. With a low-cost development set up in Eastern Europe, G5 Entertainment is very efficient which is reflected in its impressive margins today. Leveraging on this solid development base by hiring dedicated regional sales  and marketing directors seems a reasonable way to grow! I am really looking forward to the company’s first statements on 2012. Lately, the CEO has hinted in his statements on continued strong growth potential. Traction’s investment and now the increased sales efforts in North America should bode well for stellar growth even in 2012.

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