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G5 Entertainment: Android market a major potential

As of today, G5 Entertainment is also present on the Android market. This morning the app developer published its first 5 games for Android. All are well-known games from its iPhone and iPad line-up: Supermarket Mania, Success Story, Mahjong Artifacts, Mahjong Artifacts: Chapter 2 and Stand O’Food. G5 uses its recently strategy to publish the games free of charge, with an option to unlock the full content using in-app purchase. For more information, please visit the games’ homepages at

Following the tremendous success on Apple’s platforms, G5 Entertainmet is now finally also set to benefit from the rapid growth of Android-based smartphones and tablets. According to, Apple’s iOS still has a commanding lead in the table market, with Android being the only other OS that registers a market share in the double digits. In the smartphone arena, there are other significant competitors such as BlackBerry and Windows. However, BlackBerry’s market share is dropping according to recent statistics.

According to Gartner, the iPad held a 83.9% share in the global tablet market in 2010, with Android tables being far behind at 14.2%. However, going forward Gartner expects the market share difference to narrow considerably over the next few years, with iOS holding around 50% by 2015 and Android growing to 40% during the same period.

When it comes to the smartphone market, several analysts expect the iPhone to slip worldwide in the coming years as both Android and Windows Phone are expected to gain traction. According to the latest stats from comScore, Android became the US smartphone market leader early this year, overtaking the BlackBerry. The iPhone was on third place. In April, Google said that there are now more than 350,000 Android smartphones activated every day. When it comes to available apps iOS is still clearly in the lead with ca. 350,000 compared with 88,000 for Android. Both are growing rapidly.

What’s most important in my opinion is that BOTH iOS and Android are experience very rapid growth. Gartner forecasts media-tablet shipments to soar from 17 million units in 2010 to 70 million in 2011 and 294 million by 2015. Worldwide smartphone shipments are expected to more than triple from 2010 to 2015, also according to Gartner. Android growth is forecast to jump from 67 million units shipped to 539 million as its market share more than doubles. Apple’s global market share is alsoexpected to rise but more modestly, from 47 million to 190 million units shipped. 

CONCLUSION: G5 Entertainment has a proven business model that is creating extremely profitable growth in a fast growing market. With its Talisman-technology it can convert games among different platforms at a low cost and in  a short time. Its games are successful on the iOS market and there is no reason why they should not be as successful on the Android market. This should bode well for growth beyond 2011 and I wonder when the market will start to look at potential 2012 numbers. Continued annual earnings growth of 100% does not seem unrealistic.

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