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G5 Entertainment: new games on the way

G5 Entertainment has published two new games this week and is changing its communication policy concerning new game releases due to a “denser release schedule than before”, in other words: the line-up of new games is so high that they simply cannot send out separate press releases all the time.
From this week on, G5 Entertainment will send out a weekly digest, describing the games announced and released during the week.

This week’s digest looks as follows:
Stand O’Food 3 was released for both Mac and PC. It’s a game that’s developed and published by G5 Entertainment itself, implying a relatively higher profitability as revenues don’t need to be shared with other developers. Furthermore, the company will release Jack of All Tribes for iPhone and iPad on June 9th, Supermarket Management for Mac on June 9th and Dress up Rush for iPad on June 16th.

It’s good to see that G5 is delivering on its strategy to publish 80 new games during 2011. The change of communication policy is a good sign that the coming weeks will be busy in terms of game releases – perfect for the vacation season here in Europe!

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